Currently Al owns and operates a consulting firm, which is known by B.I.G., llc. People from all around the world have hired Al to give them his 2 cents when he is requiring much more for his time in return. Al already knows how much money your going to lose without his help; so he will calculate in his head rather quickly if your going to listen to him, if you feel comfortable about paying his retainer and most importantly is your business or idea going to be successful? Al can’t be hired to work on a project that he doesn’t believe in and he only takes on 2 projects a month. DO YOU NEED HIS EXPERTISE? Then email him directly and keep reading…

A Legacy of Success

In addition to his stewardship of Skin Industries, Mr. Borda’s talents extend to successful development in other corporate endeavors. Prospering even through economic downturns, he has bought and sold vintage and exotic luxury cars, with a lifelong pattern of profit. Mr. Borda is a successful restaurateur with thriving businesses in Nevada and California. From his early days, Mr. Borda prospered through extensive involvement in the adult film industry. From starring roles to production to distribution and financing, he has brought his legendary work ethic and business savvy to ensure success in his enterprises. Currently, as a Board of Trustees member, he offers his entrepreneurial acumen, creative vision, and experienced dedication to multiple companies.

In plain ENGLISH…. People hire Al to help out with anything:

  • From how to design your house and whom to hire for perfect production
  • What games to play while visiting Vegas, and where your best odds are
  • Creating a menu for a new restaurant
  • Branding, Marketing and Licensing
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Opening and running Retail Stores
  • Negotiating terms and initiating a business from scratch
  • Buying and selling high-end luxury goods, homes, cars & watches
  • How to get the girl of your dreams that your mother wouldn’t approve of
  • Giving seminars and talking in front of people

Lifetime of Dedication

As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Borda makes no secret of the key to his success: hard work and hands-on dedication. Like other economic visionaries, he skipped college to bring his financial aspirations to life. Holding himself to one hundred and ten hours of work per week since his teenage years in southern California, Al Borda has seen the labors of his efforts bear fruit as he seeks further challenges.