Who is Al?

A successful and diversified businessman, Al fully understands that determination and hard work are the keys to his ongoing success. Al transformed his own dreams into reality through hard work, ambition, and the desire to no longer be poor. These efforts make him one of the most respected and admired business owners amidst his multiple fields of endeavor.

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Early Life

Al, or “Butch” as his father would call him was born on a United States Air Force base in Blytheville, Arkansas, where his father was stationed after returning from war in Vietnam. His father, Daniel (Danny), had been a jeweler and was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, while his mother, Beyhan, was a dressmaker from Istanbul, Turkey and they meet in Turkey while “Danny” was stationed there in the USAF.. The marriage between his parents was a short run but shortly thereafter, his mother remarried a man named Jerry Simmons. Jerry, like Al’s own father, was an enlisted airman in the Air Force, and soon he, too, received an assignment to Turkey. The new family packed and departed the United States for a 4-year stay throughout Turkey and Europe. After this “European Tour”, they returned to the United States. Following a brief stay in Cambria, California, Al’s family settled in “the place Al called home”, San Diego, California. Every few years, however, his mother would dispatch Al to his biological father in Philadelphia as a disciplinary reminder. Al repeatedly visited his father and the Borda family in Philadelphia.


Education, or lack thereof… Al attended Torrey Pines High School in Del Mar, California. Although he had his own group of friends, he felt that he did not fit in. TPHS was an affluent school for the children of Southern California’s “Who’s Who”. Al parked his Honda scooter beside his classmates’ Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs. If you had not already known, you will be pleased to discover that Al’s limited education as a ninth grade dropout did not prove a hindrance. Al received his diploma from the “School of Hard Knocks,” and he graduated with full honors. His business perseverance and acumen lead to multiple successful businesses in his lifetime, most notably his signature clothing brand, the world famous Skin Industries.


Above all else, Al is a happily married family man with a beautiful daughter and stunning wife. While his public passion for business development is transparent, Al’s private love for and support from his family are truly what drives his every effort – and are the true measures of his success.