Al’s ascent began at the young age of seventeen, working for Vintage Motor Car (now Symbolic Motors of La Jolla) as a buyer of high-end, exotic, and collectible automobiles. Al stumbled onto this opportunity when his friends father was getting “pinched” by the FBI for running a “Ponzi Scheme” back in 1989, to make a long story short (read Al’s book for full details to be released in 2016) His fathers friend had 2 Lamborghini Countachs and he need to unload them on the spot, the boys were told to drive up the street to Vintage and sell them right away and to give the money to the father later when they meet up, so the boys did. While Al was at the dealership they told him if you find any more cars always call us for the highest priced paid. So one day when Al was traveling to Philly to visit his father he picked up the news paper which happen to be a paper in Dallas, Texas and Al pulled the For Sale section for Autos and took it on the plane with him. Al would call the sellers and negotiate a price to buy the car – then call the brothers at Vintage to see if they were interested in buying that car, at the time Al would make tens of thousands of dollars per car for being a broker, so the Money, the Fame and the GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS made it easy for Al to drop out of High School after the 9th grade. After trying to sell a car to one of the owners best friend behind the owners back, Al was fired, and after a short state of depression Al used the money he had save up and would “flip” cars on his own for several years, along with watches, artwork and anything else he could make money on.


Then at twenty, he entered the adult entertainment business and owned several companies that produced adult films. Just three years later, his self-owned distribution company; ABV (Al Borda Video) was producing and distributing movies at the rate of one per week.

Learning that he had a child on the way, Al decided to refocus his energies. Determined to be the best parent he could be, Al sold his video production and distribution companies to Pleasure Production, remaining on board for two years to guide the transition. Without those 16 to 20 hour workdays Al was going nuts, he could only ride his dirt bikes during the day so now what he thought….


In 1998. Skin Industries begins. Not more needs to be said. With an estimated $300,000,000 in branded sales, nearly everyone knows the Skin brand, and many devotees fill their closets with Skin apparel. Skin is world famous for the clothing, but Al took it to a new level, Skin industries had its on line of wheels for sports cars and trucks, off the wall accessories like DJ Back Packs, auto accessories, clocks and other things you never seen clothing companies branch out into. Then there was the external hard drive that Skin and Iomega produce and sold well over a HUNDRED THOUSAND world wide. Last but not least, Skin Energy Drink, yeah Skin had its own drink that was formulated to be better for diabetics then those other drinks, The Skin drink was made with cane sugar so the body could burn off the sugar easier and it wouldn’t spike BG in diabetics as bad.


Those who know Al, know that he loves to cook good food, usually while entertaining at home. With full ownership or partial equity in over a dozen restaurants in the last twenty-plus years, Al still develops recipes for restaurants. He also works as a consultant on the design, operation and management of a wide variety of restaurants throughout the United States. His is a close friend to Guy Fieri, but has yet been able to talk Guido into a joint venture.

Along the way there have been several ancillary business ventures, mostly restaurants. Currently, Al maintains an investment in both Meatball Spot and the Sugar Factory (located in Las Vegas, NV), but his passion was with Pasqual’s of Del Mar, a fine dining Italian joint in the town he called home for so many years.


You may have seen a Skin Industries clothing store in your local mall. Al either open up and or was a partner in 16 different retail stores related to his clothing company. Al’s retail experience goes further back then just his retail clothing stores, but we will save that story for anther day, lets learn more about the Skin Stores – Retail chain

  1. Temecula, CA
  2. Murrieta, CA
  3. Poway, CA
  4. Escondido, CA
  5. La Habra, CA
  6. Redlands, CA
  7. Victorville, CA
  8. El Cajon, CA
  9. Corona, CA
  10. Hemet, CA
  11. Waco, TX
  12. King of Prussia, PA
  13. Reading, PA
  14. Henderson, NV
  15. Kapolei, HI
  16. Kaneohe, HI

Al negotiated the leases, designed the stores, was the general contractor on the build out, and set up the POS system and did all the hiring of the staff. Then in his spare time he would do a joint marketing campaign for all the stores. A clean design and successful venture over 5 years.


If you do not follow the WPT (World Poker Tour) or WSOP (World Series Of Poker), then you might not know that Al loves playing high stakes poker. He started playing at 23 and hasn’t thrown a hand away yet. His nickname on the tables is “CALLER ID” because he calls almost every hand pre flop. You can find him on the “Mixed Game” table at limits of ranging from $40/$80 all the way up to $2,000/$4,000, he prefers to play at a limit in which an opponent doesn’t want to lose “their” money but also at a limit low enough where the opponent doesn’t have a backer.
Are you lost??? Let us explain: if you sit at a 20/40 table in Vegas you might be playing with a “weekend warrior” somebody who is in Vegas to have fun and will donkey off $1000 and not care but they also play hands like 2-H/2-C/9-D and Q-H in Omaha Hi/lo (a hand you should muck), but he calls and calls every street then before you know it he catches a 2 on the river to pin the pot with a set of 2’s and no low comes so he scoops.

That’s a beat that should have never happen, he only played it because he’s drunk and in Vegas and the limit was low, at a 100/200 or higher limit that hand would have been in the muck after 3 cards. Now for the higher limits. Here’s what we are talking about when you get into $1000/2000 rather then 1 player buying in for 100K of their own money they might have a backer that is putting up the money, see there are a lot of great business guys with money and no poker skills, and there are great poker players who win at poker but lose at sports, or table games or drugs or girls or GIRLS on DRUGS! So when your opponent is being backed they play loser because at the end of the day its not their money, don’t get me wrong we like lose players but hate getting beat by them because they are not respecting their backers investment.